What is an EternalPassage?

A private message you write for someone to read in the future.

EternalPassages are meant to capture our life experiences, memories, and last words for family and friends to appreciate even after we are no longer here to share them.

EternalPassages can include short messages, long letters, photos, videos or virtually any media you want to upload. Share your life stories, pass down your secret family recipes, or write down your hopes and dreams for the future.

It can be as simple as typing "I Love You" and loved ones can read it again and again.

In essence, you are creating your own memorial now, so that your words of wisdom will live on. Save your last words now with EternalPassage.

Parent Passages

Create private passages for your sons and daughters to read. Someday they will miss your free advice.

Partner Passages

Leave a lasting memory for your significant other. When the time comes, they will be glad you did.

Grandparent Passages

Now is the time to share wisdom with your kids and grandkids. The rest of the world could probably use your advice too.

Friend Passages

Your friends would love to know how important they truly are to you. Share your thoughts with your closest friends.

Who are EternalPassages for?

Create an EternalPassage for anyone you wish by naming them the "Passage Beneficiary."

You can write passages to your significant other, your kids, grandkids, parents, grandparents, friends, mentors, or whomever you wish.

Remind your loved ones of your favorite times together. Maybe the birth of a child, a marriage, or graduation day. Tell your family and friends how much those moments meant to you.

What was your favorite vacation spot? Is there any advice you would like to give, one last time?

Your friends and family would love to hear from you even after you are gone.

Who will publish my EternalPassages in the future?

You designate up to 3 "Account Custodians" you trust to communicate with us when it is time to publish your Passages.


You will want to assign at least one Account Custodian. This is different than adding a Beneficiary to an EternalPassage.

The Account Custodian will be the contact person(s) we communicate with after you pass away. Your Account Custodian can inform us of your passing so that your Passages can be published in a timely manner.

Once your passing is confirmed, by obituary or other means, your Passages will be visible for your Beneficiaries. Your Beneficiaries will never know that you created "Publish on Death" EternalPassages for them unless you name an Account Custodian.

Go edit your Profile settings, in the top right corner, to add your Account Custodian information.

For more information about Account Custodians, go here.

Why save EternalPassages?

To ensure that important things never go unsaid, and that you are able to play a role in loved ones future events.

Leave behind EternalPassages for your loved one's future milestones, such as wedding day, college graduation, or sweet 16 birthday. You don't have to completely miss out on those incredible moments.

In order to keep this type of Passage a surprise, you will want to name a Passage Beneficiary other than the person you are creating the Passage for. You will also want to designate a Beneficiary you trust to share the Milestone Passage at the appropriate time.

You may not know the exact date of when certain milestones will occur, so provide specific instructions, for the Beneficiary, within the Passage. You can request to share on your daughters wedding day or on your sons graduation day.

Passage Topic Recommendations

Share Photos
Share Videos
Your Advice
Your Bucket List
How To's
Life Hacks
Family Vacations
Career Advice
Your Life Lessons

Biggest Accomplishments
Biggest Regrets
Family Traditions
Dating Advice
Education Advice
Show Appreciation
Personal Hygiene
Respect for others
Love Advice
Favorite Books
Favorite Movies
Fashion Advice
Political Advice
Equal Rights
Marriage Advice
Divorce Advice
Retirement Tips
Family History
Favorite Foods

Private or Public? Now or Later?

You decide who gets to view your EternalPassages, as well as, when they get to view them.

You can designate an EternalPassage to be Private or Public. A Private Passage is only visible to someone you choose, called the Passage Beneficiary. Each Passage can have a different Beneficiary.

Also, you have the option to set Passages to publish only after you pass away. Keep your EternalPassage a secret or inform the Beneficiaries now, that they can see it later.

Remember to invite your Beneficiaries to create their own EternalPassage.

Private Passage Publish on Death

Write private EternalPassages to specific people that are only published after you pass away. Save personalized messages for those closest to you.

Public Passage Publish on Death

Write a public EternalPassage that everyone can read when you pass away. Share your hopes and dreams for the future with the world.

Private Passage Publish Now

Publish a private EternalPassage for the person of your choosing. Let family and friends know how much you care about them privately.

Public Passage Publish Now

Publish a public EternalPassage that is visible to everyone now. Share written letters, photos, videos or virtually any media you want to upload.

Life is too short without EternalPassage

It only takes a couple minutes to create a Passage.

Create as many Passages as you want, all for FREE!


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